Defuniak Springs Studio Backdrops

These are just a small sampling of our studio backdrops currently available for you to choose from. We are constantly updating our stash, so if you don’t see what you are looking for let us know, we probably have it :)

 10ft x 8ft and 10ft x 12ft

These Backdrops will accommodate children of all ages and families 0f 6 or less.   

Plumb Perfect

Allure Toast

Allure Prism

Heirloom Drift Away

Bakery Romance

Whisps of Wisteria

Castle Corner

Old Glow

Allure Scarlett Blush

Garden Harmony

Cinderella Wall

Grandma’s Front Porch

Sugarplum Gates

Polar Express

A Summer’s Night Dream

Divinity Floral Dance

Allure Unicorn

Pixie Hallow

Silver Sequins

Devine Kiss

Allure Denim Delight


These Backdrops are for newborn to preschool age children and are great for teen and adult headshots too. These are too small for family and children over age 4.  

Dino Surprise

Cat in the Hat

Toy Story

newborn photography boy defuniak springs

Beary Pure

Color Grunge

defuniak springs newborn photography studio moon

Twinkle Sky

Jurasic Dinos

Sesame Street

defuniak springs newborn photography studio FSU

MB Beautiful Madness

Allure Sea

Little Man Tire Garage

Blush Crush

Twilight Sky

Elegant Pump Tin

Champagne Lady

Path of Enchantment

Pumpkin Corner

Heirloom Cocoa Powder

newborn photographer defuniak springs

Allure Feather

Bella Bokeh

Dreamy Day


Simply Rustic Chic

A Night To Remember

Airplane Hanger

Rose Gold Sequins

Spring Garden

Miss Maddie Pink

Entry into Spring

Allure Indigo

Allure Passion

Heirloom Garden Blues

Splish Splash Duckies

8 ft x 6ft  These Backdrops will accommodate children up to age 10. They can also be used for headshots, simple head and shoulder shots.   

Baby Shark DoDo

Clouds and Stars


Blue Steel

Sea Story (mermaid theme)

Almost Midnight(Cinderella)


Allure Springtime

Beauty in Bokeh

Wild One

Gone Fishing

newborn photographer defuniak springs

BoHo Camping

Lemonade Day

Washed Bricks

Tumbling Stars

Shinning Star

September Window

Do You Want to Build a Snowman

Divinity Fire