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Family Portrait Photography

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Family is the single most important thing in the world which is why you should photograph yours! Our family starts out as two people who fall in love, get married and have children who have children who have children and on and on! Our family is every changing with new births and sadly the passing of the older generations. We all love looking back through old photographs and talking about who is featured in each image. Photographs conjure up old memories that have been long forgotten. They help us remember those special events and milestones of our lives. When babies are born we love to pull out those albums and decide who the new baby most resembles. Our photographs document our family trees better than any genealogy record ever could. Names mean nothing without an image of who that name belongs to. Family photographs become treasured heirlooms for the future generations. They tell our story when we are no longer her to tell in ourselves.

Family photographs are beautiful gifts for relatives who live far away and don’t get to watch the daily changes of our lives unfold. They give grandma something to use to brag about her family to her friends. Family photographs are a beautiful way to tell the story of your life. Because as you know, family is EVERYTHING!

We offer family photography on the beautiful beaches of Destin and surrounding areas. We also offer family sessions in our local state parks, botanical areas and wooded trails. The Emerald Coast has so many amazing locations for family portraits that it might be hard to choose just one.

photo of family on beach boardwalk swinging child

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