Family Photographs At The Park

In the Destin area, and along 30A, we have some beautiful parks with wooded trails, moss covered 100 plus year old moss covered oaks, reflection pounds and fountains and botanical themed parks that make some amazing family park portrait backdrops. These areas are also great for families with little ones who have decided that they absolutely hate sand and you know that they are not going to be happy on the beach! But don’t worry they grow out of that and the next time you come to visit you won’t be able to keep them out of the sand. Then you can have a happy family beach session.

Let’s face it, not everyone loves the beach; and not everyone wants a family beach portrait. Sadly, sometimes I just don’t have an opening for a beach session at the time you call to book your session. I have clients that love visiting our area, but they choose to have their yearly family portrait taken in one of our state parks, wooded trails or botanical park areas. I have clients who love my work and do want a beach portrait, but I have no openings to fit them in and they choose to have park pictures made instead. This really warms my heart! I love when people love my work this much!

Eden Gardens State Park and Watercolors Cerulean Park are two of the most beautiful non-beach locations in Destin and my two favorite places to photograph families.

family posing in watercolor on wooden bridge with flowers

Watercolor Cerulean Park offers grassy lawn areas surrounded by old oaks and pines and beautiful fountains and bridges surrounded by flowers. It truly looks like a botanical garden in summer.

family sitting on a grassy knoll in watercolor
family sitting in a wooded trail for portraits at Eden gardensfamily sitting in front of a fountain at eden gardens

Eden Gardens State Park is one of the most beautiful areas in Destin. With 100 plus year old oaks, green grassy lawns, cobbled stone pathways, wooded trails, a reflection pond and fountains, it has something for everyone

family walking down a cobbled stone pathway at eden gardensfamily sitting in from of the lake at eden gardens
family sitting on a fountain in baytowne

Baytowne Wharf is another area in Destin that offers a lot of architectural backdrops with fun colored buildings, oak covered walkways, hidden garden fountains, a carousel and many grassy lawns surrounded by flowering plants and tress.

family on grass at baytowne