Want To Know What to Wear for Your Beach Photography Session?



The focus of your portrait should be you and your family! Not what you are wearing. So you clothing choice should never take away from the beautiful faces that are you! No one wants to show a portrait of their family to a friend and she says “oh, those are cute clothes” and nothing else! You want to hear, “all of you look so beautiful, look at those happy smiles and you picked great colors.” People that is what a family portrait is all about, YOU! Your smiles, your happiness, your love! Not the dang ‘ole outfits that you are wearing. Yes, I want your clothes to look great too, but I don’t want them to take over your portrait. So here are my best pointers to get you going in the right direction:

Keep it simple, comfortable and cool! Soft, light and bright! I love color on the beach. You will too. I know it takes a bit of work to coordinate with multi families, but I hope I’m about to help you out with that too


 SAY NO TO PATTERNS! Bold geometric patterns, stripes and chevrons.These type of patterns are distracting and take away from the subject which is YOU!

Remember back to the hair subject? If didn’t read that book about hairspray? Ummm, please let me strongly suggest that you immediately go read that after this. You will thank me latter! Ok, so in a nutshell, the beach is windy. YES, WINDY! You know those cute, adorable dresses and shirts and skirts with all the multi layers and lacy flounces? Oh how I love that look, BUT, yeah, you knew it was coming, NOT ON THE BEACH! It’s windy and all those beautiful layers will drive you crazy trying to make them stay still and flat. You can wear them if you want to, I tired it once myself. yep, it made me crazy!

Tight fitting, short dresses…you know those that make your curves look awesome but tend to ride up on those same curves  and you are constantly having to adjust it back into position? Just remember that you will at some point be sitting on the beach and well, you might have issues keeping things covered, so just remember that when you pick out your dress!

So I hear this from lots of women! I DON’T LIKE MY arms, tummy, legs… can you hide them? Can you photoshop them?

Well yes, I can hide you behind your children or your husband. No I will not spend hours in photoshop trying to make you into someone you are not. BUT I will tell you what to do to look your best!

The upper arms. As we get older, we loose muscle tone and we get the dreaded flab. Easy fix, wear sleeves! Sleeves cover that area and firm those jiggles right up! IF you don’t like your upper arms, do not wear sleeveless shirts and dresses and you will love your arms once again.

Those hips and thighs: Dear Lord, I thank you for allowing me to birth my babies, but could you have put my hips and thighs back to my pre-baby state? Yes, I detest my thighs. Not so much when I am standing, but when I sit, I swear they gain 40 pounds each, so I have learned how to sit without flattening my thighs and I will teach you too. But first let’s discuss how to camo those little areas. Flowy MAXI skirts, ummm yes, they are so pretty paired with a loose top to combat that dreaded tummy area that we will talk about in a minute. I’m also loving leggings with a mid thigh length tunic shirt, very beachy! The big thing, just don’t wear tight fitting clothes that show off and accentuate any area that you consider your problem areas. If you are like me and have meaty thighs and a pudgy tummy, wear loose clothing that flatters and hides.

That tummy bulge, spare tire, jelly rolls, “baby fat”: Oh, this is my crying area people. Before I had babies, your could bounce a quarter off my abs! Would I trade those babies for those long lost abs? Not in a second! So, I have learned, on most days, to celebrate my tummy rolls as my badge of honor. Yes, it sounds good and makes that candy bar seem like I deserved it! But seriously, this is a problem area for men and women alike. But I got you covered. Literally. I will cover you with your other family members and that tummy won’t even be a glimpse in the image. However, I can’t hide you in every single image, I mean that would look kind of crazy. So for those images that I really just have to have you front and center for, dress for the part. Loose, loose, did you hear me? LOOSE. As in loose clothing. If you want to hide that tummy bulge, don’t come get in front of the camera wearing spandex!  Ok, so that example was a little extreme but sadly, it has happened. People, Spandex will compress, Spanx is making a fortune with it. But let’s get real, spandex belongs under your clothes! Want to look great in your images and hide your problem areas? Listen to me. Wear loose clothing in light soft colors that flatters your form. Don’t wear a tent dress that has no form at all, Try out your outfit in front of a mirror, stand and sit and see if the areas that your are “shy” of look flattered or look pronounced. If you want my opinion, shoot me a picture. I will tell you honestly what I think,  I promise!


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