The Robbins Family from Liberty Township, Ohio meet me on Grayton Beach for a sunset family beach photography session. It was a stormy day with intermittent showers and we were afraid that we would have to cancel their session. However, GOD blessed us with a beautiful evening, a rainbow an one of the best sunsets of the season! The Robbins children were a little rambunctious and mom was perfectly ok with not having posey posed images. Because like she said, her children are not “posey”! We went with the the “mood” of the kiddos and just had fun. This turned out to be one of my favorite sessions of the summer!

grayton beach photographer family on the beach at sunset

Little man wanted to be the star of the show and insisted on standing out in front of everyone else.

grayton beach photographer 30a family beach photography

We set up to do a shot of mom and dad and the children just happened to photo bomb in the most perfect way! Big brother was showing sister something off in the distance and little man was just being his cute little self. If this doesn’t scream real life to you, I don’t know what your life is like with littles!

grayton beach photography sunset family with rainbow

It had rained just a few minutes before this session started and we literally ran out onto the beach to grab shots of the rainbow.

grayton beach photography sunset family with rainbow on the beach

We did manage to get a few posed shots in at the beginning of the session as the rainbow was fading out.

grayton beach photography 30a sunset beach portraits

This sunset was just magical! I love the refections in the water and this is the perfect timeless image to display in large format on your wall!

grayton beach family photography

The kids were about done with us at this time. Sister was pouting, big brother was making crazy faces and little man had ran out of steam. Mom and dad are smiling and going with the flow. Just perfect!

grayton beach children photography

Little man found his second burst of energy and loved running up and down the beach and splashing in the “puddles”

grayton beach photographer 30a

Mom wanted a shot of just her and the kiddos with the sunset. I love how unposed this was.

grayton beach photography children on the beach

Sometimes the only way to get great pictures of the little is to “corral” them with props!

grayton beach photographer 30a

The best smiles of the night!

grayton beach photography

Fun! Little man wanted to run so everyone joined in. Sessions are so much fun when everyone decides to just go with the flow and have a blast!

Grayton beach photography 30a beach sessions

Again, just simple, unposed and natural. This sunset was so amazing!